fb-cover-8654-1270137Firstly, you may be wondering, “what is chichi?” Chichi is defined as attempting to be stylish or elegant but achieving an overelaborate pretentiousness. It is also Japanese for “boobs” but that just depends on the pronunciation (shee shee). While we are not going to post about boobs we may post about how your boobs fit into things. We were really going for something chic, and after much deliberation, and a few thesaurus entries, we landed on Chichi. To us, Chichi is defined more as something chic, effortless, and beautiful. The ideology of our blog is more of a ‘self acceptance’ attitude towards life.

What is your personal style? When others look at the outfits you’ve picked out, do they get a sense of the real you? Watch Laural — the winner of the Seventeen See the Real Me Prom Contest — as she explores trendy New York boutiques, incorporating unique styles that build her confidence into the perfect prom dress.

Prom Dress Style | Seventeen’s See the Real Me Prom Contest | CLEAN & CLEAR

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