Find Yourself

As of recently I have been on many shopping trips. Some for fun, some for me, and occasionally I get asked to do a consultation shopping trip to help determine what that person needs. 

Going through some one else’s closet is such a personal experience for me. I can see all of their likes and dislikes in one room. I can see that adorable skirt that still has the tags on it because someone was too afraid to wear something they loved. I can see a lot of phases that were tried on and discarded and a lot of different trends that are nothing like the person standing in front of me. You learn quite a lot from ones closet and sometimes you can learn something about yourself.

  I was asked to help a teen girl shop for clothes for summertime and to help her get started for the school year. Naturally, I jumped at the opportunity. Her parents had expressed to both her and I that they wanted her to dress like a girl. At first I did my best to try to play to both sides of the situation but the longer the day went on the more that I learned that wasn’t going to happen. I could see the frustration from both sides of this situation. The parents, wanting their daughter to dress nicer but getting the wording wrong and the daughter wanting to find a way to express her sense of style without compromising her feelings towards the ultra girly look. 

Finally, I had to intervene. I pulled her aside and told her what was weighing on my heart and I feel it’s something every person needs to know:

Your style is your own. Your clothing is your choice. You are your own person. Ultimately find clothes that make you feel good because at the end of the day you only need to stay true to yourself. 

That is something I think we should all think about when shopping.

Stay Chichi,


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