Fake a Tan (The RIGHT Way)

Everybody wants that golden glow for spring and summer, that “I have a life and actually go outside, guys” look. While we don’t want skin cancer from over exposure to the sun’s and tanning beds’ harmful rays, we want to look like we’ve been there. Thankfully, (and unthankfully for those who abuse it) there’s a magic little thing called an artificial tan. Here are a couple tips and tricks to help you bronze up the safe way!

1. Buy some self-tanning lotion. I use Equate Healthy Glow™ Daily Moisturizer, because it works just about as well as its Jergens® counterpart. To make a natural color, apply it every other day so it doesn’t come on too orange.
2. Try wearing more white and neon colors. It’ll make you look darker in contrast.
3. Try a black tea tan. This is a popular short-term solution for wrestlers and competitive body builders. Boil black tea and put it in a spray bottle, then spritz all over and wait until you’re completely dry to put your clothes back on.
4. Know where to put your bronzer. For a “first day in the sun” look, apply bronzer across the bridge of your nose, along the tops of your cheekbones, on your chin, and across your forehead. Just make sure it looks natural, and not like your foundation is ten shades too dark.
5. Make your own all-natural bronzer. (Tutorial coming soon!)
6. Try mixing some cocoa powder in with your everyday lotion.
Hope some of you found this helpful!

Stay beautiful, Brooke

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